Cloud Nurdz eJuice

Cloud Nurdz eJuice


For the Cloud Nurdz E-Juice review, we set up each of the flavors for vaping and review. All the Cloud Nurdz flavors reviewed were Salts except the Kiwi Melon which was a VG/PG mix with Nicotine and flavors.

  • The Cloud Nurdz Salts are 60VG/40PG, offered in 25mg or 50mg of nicotine
  • The Cloud Nurdz High VG e-Juice is 70VG/30PG, 3 mg or 6mg of nicotine

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We filled and labeled all the pods and left them sitting for an hour so the cotton in the pods would fully soak up the juice and provide flavorful puffs. A five-minute wait after filling a pod (before vaping) is required for the pod cotton to fully soak up the juice and provide a clean hit. * Otherwise, you will be smoking burnt cotton. Once the pod cotton was fully saturated, we had several people come to provide their opinions, so the review is not one person’s opinion on the flavors but many.


Our vape team examined each fruit base flavor in the Cloud Nurdz line to test for their base fruit flavorings. All of the Cloud Nurdz flavors mentioned below are available in a fruit option, as well as a fruit and ice option. Furthermore, they are available in a 100ml bottle that has a 70/30 VG/PG base, or a salt nic vape juice option that is sold in a 30ml bottle.


I can taste the raspberry, the lemon, and the ice. Each flavor was good and combined; the flavors work together. The taste was not sweet, fruity, or icy on the exhale. The exhale has a slightly chalky texture to it. It seems Cloud Nurdz went for a less intense juice flavor meant for an all-day vaping liquid.

If you love a super-sweet fruity Icy juice, then you will be underwhelmed by this flavor. If you like fruit flavors but not overly sweet fruit flavors, you may enjoy this juice as an all-day juice.


I can taste both the grape and the apple coming through nicely. They taste good together and provide a mild juice flavor. The fruit flavors were not intense sweet or very fruity. Like the Blue Raspberry Lemon, to intensify the flavor, I tried vaping this juice through a Mi-Pod 2.0, which brought the flavor front and center. Through the MP2, the flavor was reminiscent of a red-apple wine with something else.
Upon hotboxing the juice, the grape and apple flavors took a back seat to some other flavor, maybe a light cream? The manufacturer’s website described this flavor as “grape with a sweet, candied apple.” I didn’t taste the sweet at all, but I did get a nice accurate light grape/apple flavor.


I tasted both grape and strawberries. The Grape Strawberry tasted a lot like the Grape Apple, without the additional flavor they added to the Grape Apple (which I couldn’t identify for sure). Gape Strawberry is the same flavor profile as Grape Apple without that darker-tasting undertone of their Grape Apple flavor. That said, it tastes pretty good.

Again, the fruit flavor does not pop intensely like some fruit-flavored juices. Instead, it tastes like the name implies (grape and strawberries) in a milder flavor profile. For folks that always wanted fruit flavors that were not overly sweet or fruity, then this will be your next favorite juice.


The Kiwi Melon is heavily melon flavor influenced. The kiwi taste is in there, but it mostly accentuates the melon flavor by toning it down a bit. The kiwi seems to sour up the mix a little, so you do taste melon, not sweet melon, but a tangy melon due to the kiwi influence. I liked this flavor; it tastes as the name suggests. The melon and kiwi work well together.



I like this Strawberry Lemon flavor combination! The berry and lemon complement each other nicely and provide an interesting flavor profile in a tasty puff. The strawberry and lemon are equally matched, so rather than a lemon-tasting strawberry or strawberry-tasting lemon, you get a combo of the two flavors well-matched and perfectly complimenting each other.

The lemon is flavorful, sweet, and lemony, and the well-done strawberry flavor profile was a perfect match. Sometimes strawberry flavors can taste artificial, but this is an excellent fruity recreation. Coupled with the sweet lemon, it is an impressive vape. These two flavors mixed were tasty. I was pleased with the flavor, intensity, and lack of a chalky exhale. I will be buying one of these for myself. I didn’t bother trying it through the Mi-Pod 2.0 because the MP Pro was good-tasting. 


The Watermelon Apple is an e-liquid that benefits from vaping through the Mi-Pod 2.0. It is a tasty flavor, but it suffers from a slightly underwhelming flavor unless you hit it hard. When vaped through a direct-lung vape pod device like the Mi-Pod Pro, the liquid to air ratio does not allow this liquid to reach its full potential.

It is a good Watermelon Apple flavor reminiscent of Reds Apple, Apple Watermelon flavor, just less fruity and chalkier. The flavor itself is tasty, and the taste is watermelon/apple, as the bottle suggests. The flavor pops through an MTL device and is an excellent all-day vape.


Watermelon Berry Cloud Nurdz Vape Juice

The Cloud Nurdz Watermelon Berry reminds me a lot of their Watermelon Apple except with a Berry undertone instead of Apple undertones as the complimentary flavor to the watermelon. This reminds me of a toned-down version of 7Daze Reds Apple, Apple Berries flavor (which I liked so much I bought a bottle).

The Cloud Nurdz fruit flavor profile holds true to form for this flavor as well. Understated, not intense fruity flavors, not overly sweet. It provides accurate flavors in a less fruity and less sweet e-Juice.

If, you like Cloud Nurdz’s other juice flavors, use a Mi-Pod 2.0, or find other brand’s fruit flavors too sweet or too fruity, then this will be a solid choice of juice for you. It provides accurate flavors but serves them up in a less intense profile.


I could taste an accurate and flavorful blue razz along with lemony peach undertones. The flavor is stronger than most of their other fruit flavors, so I didn’t even crack open the MP 2.0 and was able to get a flavorful vape that tasted as the name on the bottle suggested Peach/ Blue Razz. I really appreciate when the name matches the flavor, so I am not surprised by a big hit of something unexpected. This was a nice vape. I don’t think Peach should come first in the name as the blue razz is dominant and the peach is a peach/ lemon flavor, not a true peach. That said, it is a great-tasting all-day vape juice.


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