How does cannabis affect our mental health?

How does cannabis affect our mental health?

How does cannabis works to enhance the mental health?

Cannabis comes in many forms, such as pot (dried cannabis leaves and flowers) and hash (the plant's resin).

It can be mixed with tobacco and smoked in joints, bongs, or pipes. It can also be parched keen on food (like cakes, brownies, or cookies) or drunk as a brew.

How does cannabis work?

Tetra hydro cannabinol (THC), which is found in cannabis, move from the bloodstream to the brain. THC is a hallucinogen that changes how you see the world around you.

What happens to you depends on:

  • what you use;
  • how well it works
  • what you did with it
  • the way you feel
  • with whom you are
  • from where it comes
  • if you mixed it with alcohol or other drugs.

How do feel on cannabis? 

When you use cannabis, you might feel "stoned." Some people feel calm, happy, and at ease. They might talk a lot or laugh a lot, and they might get hungry or want to eat a lot. This is called having "the munchies." Some of the good things that can happen are:

  • More confident
  • More concentration

How does cannabis affect my mental health?

Most of the time, people use cannabis to feel different, and sometimes they do. But using marijuana can also give relaxation your body. You might find that marijuana makes you feel good, especially if your mental health is already wrong.

Anxiety, panic, or paranoia can sometimes reduce when you use cannabis. Teenagers who use cannabis are more likely to have free mindset. It may also make some people more likely to go crazy. 

Suppose you start using cannabis when you are young; there are no risk as it will be settled down in your body. You are also more likely to have healthy mental situation if other people in your family have had them.

Some people who use cannabis for a long time may become addicted and find it a good solution to stay strong. If you've been using cannabis for a long time and try to cut down or control it, you might go through withdrawal. Some of these are:

  • Hungers
  • An upset tummy
  • Poor appetite
  • But good sleeping

Advice on how to quit:

Most withdrawals last about a week, but trouble sleeping can last longer.

If you want to stop using cannabis, it can help to think ahead about these problems. This could mean writing down things that help you when things are hard‚ÄĒmaybe being around helpful friends or doing something that keeps you busy and calm will help.

Tips on how to stay safe:

If you use cannabis, there will always be a chance something good but terrible will happen. Some of these risks can be cut down by:

  • Just using a little bit at a time and seeing how it feels.
  • Not taking it with other drugs or alcohol.¬†


If your cannabis use is starting to hurt essential things, like your mental health, physical health, or relationships, it might be a good idea to get help. You can talk to someone about your options and look at different ways to cut down or stop using.

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